Expertivity Technologies

As Master Practitioners in the disciplines that underpin Enterprise Excellence, we have a long and successful track record of helping service and knowledge-work organisations, large and small, in Ireland and abroad, to solve the complex problems that dilute or diminish excellent organisational performance.

By leveraging that experience and our own investment in R&D, we have developed an Agile Busines Execution Canvas® (ABEC) that allows organisations identify and bridge the individual and systemic gaps in organisational performance.

The ABEC® provides an integrating framework for the 3 main themes of this conference: Innovation, Integration and Digital Transformation. It helps take innovation out of the R&D lab and brings it into the day-to-day management of the organisation and provides a structured, integrated, digital transformation roadmap that leads organisations towards performance excellence.

We have extensive experience in most sectors including, Information Technology, Global Business Services, Shared Services, Government, Public Sector, Healthcare, Clinical Trials, Utilities, Pensions, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Motor and Home Insurance, Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Telecoms, Construction and Utility Infrastructure. Our clients come from Multinationals, Large, Medium or Small Enterprises including Start-Ups who want to begin life by being excellent and staying the course.


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