Environment & Energy Management

Ireland's leading publication dedicated to every aspect of environmental management and energy efficiency at industrial, commercial and municipal levels.

For over 11 years Environment & Energy Management has provided it's growing readership (now 12,000) with analysis and insight into the latest technologies and services available within Ireland, while our editorial team focus heavily on investment, business profiles and the future of the energy sector in this country.

As a publication written by acknowledged experts in their fields, Environment & Energy Management is disseminated to a controlled and targeted readership of over 12,000 key decision makers in Central & Local Government, the Professional/Services Sector (including Environmental Consultants, Engineers, Laboratories, all Third Level and other training/research Organisations, the Legal Profession and Agencies specialising in environmental protection and energy efficiency) - and, with particular attention to Small & Medium Enterprises, all sectors of Irish industry as follows: Food & Beverage; Pharmaceutical; Chemical; Medical; Electronics; Plastics; Packaging; Motor & Transport; Finance & Insurance; Textiles; Agriculture and Tourism.


Kianda - No-code Business Process Automation

Kianda is a no-code Business Process Automation platform, enabling business users and knowledge workers with or without coding skills to create user-friendly enterprise apps 10x faster and with 70% less resources.

Kianda's award winning no-code automation technology inspires knowledge workers to address their digitalisation needs themselves, helping businesses reduce costs and increase productivity. Kianda allows businesses to jump straight into building solutions rather than building systems from scratch that require substantial business resources.

With Kianda, available both in the cloud and on-premise, you can easily and quickly create custom enterprise applications for business processes such as quality management, HR management, customer/supplier onboarding, materials management and many others, integrated with your existing IT backend systems.



Kyzentree is a technology company based in the west of Ireland. Our software, Kt-Pulse is an easy-to-use app-based solution for monitoring and improving operator-led manufacturing processes.

It is a standalone solution that enables production operators to capture productivity, downtime events and quality losses as they occur using a simple touchscreen interface. Quick interactions with the app as they work, without leaving their workstation. Our dashboards and reports are designed by manufacturing experts and are suitable for all users, from operators and team leads to managers and directors.

Traditional machine OEE software has its place in manufacturing, but Kt-Pulse is OEE for operator-driven manufacturing processes. Kt-Pulse is used in three ways:

1) The live views track productivity and highlight issues in real time
2) The shift summary views provide an overview of the day, week and month for team meetings
3) The trend views point to where the biggest losses are occurring over time, providing a roadmap for improvement

If you have manual or semi-automated assembly, inspection and packaging processes, then drop by our virtual booth and we'll give you a quick demo


Refine Projects AG

Refine (y)our life - With a dedicated team of experts we inspire people, projects and entire organizations to transform through Systemic Project Management, Lean Construction and Lean Management to a new approach which delivers value with more collaboration and effectiveness and is set to achieve greater profitability.

For more information, please visit the Refine Projects website.


Softworks Workforce Management Solutions

For 30 years, Softworks has been providing Workforce Management software solutions that enable organisations to automate areas including; managing employee time & attendance, scheduling/rostering, training, flexible & remote working, HR, holiday & absence management. We assist organisations to manage the working day in a way that makes them more productive and profitable by adding value to their operations. We help businesses to drive efficiencies, cut costs optimise scheduling, ensure compliance and improve reporting - all while promoting a safe and positive working environment for all employees. Softworks solutions are used by a diverse range of organisations across all industries. Our extensive experience and track record have enabled us to create award-winning solutions, designed with our customers' needs in mind.


SQT Training

Investment in technology, automation, big data, and analytics are top of the agenda today. Organisations have access to better data than ever before however, to become a data-driven organization in the truest sense, they must be able to interpret the data and turn it into knowledge. They need to be able to apply the data to solve problems, develop solutions and generate insights that can be put into practice.

At SQT Training, our Lean Six Sigma programs use the latest tools and techniques to help organisations turn valuable data into knowledge and reap the greatest returns from analytics.

For more than 30 years SQT have brought the latest thinking, the leading techniques and the most accomplished industry trainers into ambitious organisations, large and small, throughout Ireland, the UK & beyond. Our unique combination of high quality, accredited, practical training delivered by Industry Experts enables people and organizations to develop real capability supported by the best learning technology and tools. We are added-value training partners that help organisation's and individuals develop real and practical capability.


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